personal swim video analysis

Advancing swimmers strokes THROUGH video diagnostic swimming

Digital Coach films swimmers from 4 points of view, including underwater video. Professionally edited, commentated and produced into DVD video.

Sample Swim Video Analysis Tweaked technique swimming

I.M. Swimmer Package

DVD analyzing all four swim strokes and transition turns.

  • starts - all 4 strokes to maximize your launch distance.
  • swimming strokes - detailed views of all 4 of your strokes and how to improve all aspects of your strokes.
  • turns - how to retain the inertia you created going into your turns.
  • finishes - how to finish your races strong.
  • individual medley specific turns - we'll help you get the most out of your turns
  • BONUS - The un-cut video is yours free of charge.

Individual Swimmer Package

DVD analyzing one stroke and turn of swimming.

  • start - how to launch yourself into the race.
  • stroke - improve stroke efficiency.
  • turn - optimize the turn for speed.
  • finish - how to finish strong in this stroke.
  • BONUS - The un-cut video is yours free of charge.

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